The Sight:

The first thing Foxkit awoke to was a bundle of snow-white fur shivering next to him. He snuggled closer and closed his eyes, determined to stop her shaking. When she finally did, Foxkit smiled with content.

While the blind, blue-eyed Jaykit and his siblings ran around with a mouse, the ginger tom yawned and curled up into a ball. He was alone in the makeshift fort he made himself, with a leaf roof. He enjoyed the personal space he got, until Jaykit landed on top of him with an "oof." Foxkit hissed at the tom and threw him off himself. "Mouse-brain!"

"Squirrelflight, control your kits! Foxkit, I'm sorry." Ferncloud glared at Jaykit. "And you. Shoo now. Leave!" Jaykit scampered away.

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around for a clan meeting." Firestar spoke with pride in his words. Foxkit watched as Hollykit, Lionkit, and Jaykit were made apprentices. "That Jay attacked me!" Foxkit complained. Why should he be made apprentice?

Hollykit, now Hollypaw, tries to teach Foxkit and his sister some fighting moves. Foxkit stumbled over his own paws, and Hollypaw restrains herself from laughing. "It's not my fault! I'm just a kit." Foxkit growls at Hollypaw before running away.

When Foxkit and Icekit play-fight, Foxkit has a lot of fun. Up until the mouse-brain Hollypaw comes around. Foxkit wants to gently tell her they don't need her help, but before he can do it Icekit is counter-attacking.

Whitewing comes in to tell the clan a dog is on the loose. Foxkit is calm, but Ferncloud still shields both him and Icekit with her tail. "Ferncloud, I'm okay-" But his mother shushes him. When she gets sick, Foxkit has to put up with Daisy's nonsense. Foxkit hates being overprotected.

Foxkit enjoys being chased by Birchfall and Berrynose, but when they have to go work, he also enjoys sitting in the sun, alone with himself.

Ferncloud tells them to get her some stuff. Foxkit doesn't realize it's to keep them busy, and he jumps excitedly. Icekit bets she'll win, and Foxkit plays along, knowing he won't win, anyway.

Dark River: Edit

Foxkit sees a stale mouse on the ground, and knowing the fresh-kill pile is low, tries to eat it. However, Daisy tells him no. Why can't cats just leave him alone? He knows what he's doing, surely.

Icekit leaps on top of him and they engage in a play-fight. Foxkit is laughing and having a great time until Hollypaw and Cinderpaw want to join in. "No." Foxkit bluntly states. Icekit narrows her eyes and him and assures them they can join. Typical.

When everyone blames Riverclan, the cats go into a panic. Foxkit stays surprisingly calm and collected, to which Ferncloud asks him if he's at all worried. He shrugs.

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