Friendliness: Nice
Honesty: Frank
Assertiveness: Thick-skinned
Confidence / Ego: Humble
Agreeableness: Vague
Manners: Impolite
Discipline: Persistent
Rebelliousness: Rebellious
Emotional capacity: Has emotional outbursts when angry
Intelligence: Unintelligent
Positivity: Optimistic
Activeness / Lifestyle: Action-oriented
Current emotional state: Relaxed

Graywing is not a bad cat, really. Just frank.

"These aren't our kits. They're WindClan's. C'mon, we can go get some fish now, okay?" And since she was such a nice cat, everyone agreed. They padded back to camp, and to her surprise, Ivystar was shocked.

"That was a disgusting move, Graywing." Graywing shrugged as Spottedpaw hissed. Ivystar narrowed her eyes at them, and with a soft look in her eyes, assured Graywing she did the right thing. Despite Spottedpaw's comment, Graywing gets praised by everyone else.

"It was nothing, really, ahah." Graywing smiled, enjoying it.

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